New Location!

Hey, everyone!

::Mirror Mirror:: is going through some changes, but they’re all good, I swear! Let me bring you all up to speed, just in case you don’t follow along on the Facebook page or through the group in-world.


The store location has moved. Check it out HERE.

The new location is smaller, but I LOVE the design. I’ve streamlined a few things. When the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection comes out, the Spring/Summer stuff will disappear to the marketplace, and will be available at the marketplace ONLY.

I have added a gacha machine to the store. Inside it, you’ll find the “Nana” Gown, which is available in EIGHT colors, two of which are rares, and all of which you will see featured in the upcoming fall collection… so it’s kind of like a mini-preview! The Nana will be available through the gacha ONLY, and only for a limited time because…

Gacha items will be changing monthly. The new gacha item, barring my fingers falling off or any other tragedy that would take away my ability to work, will be available in September.

There is a SMALL fee to join the group now. This is because there is also a group gift available at the store, and a group DISCOUNT on all items in vendors at the store. This discount only applies to items purchased in-world. Please do NOT contact me about discounts on Marketplace items, as most items on marketplace are out-of-season and/pr discontinued and not operating through the same system as in-world vendors.

If you have any questions or simply want to check out the new store location, please feel free to do so!


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